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Help me pleease?!
Monday, April 13, 2009

If you know anyone who holds a contest, please let me know!

I desperately need some fun. LOL
And can you please tell me how to put a comments area in my blog? PLEEEAASE!

(Hyleene) ♥ 2:35 AM

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Well I've really been random these days.
BTW, if you wanna know who i am, can you please try to see the girl portion here in my blog? don't be a lazy cat!
i'm still new to blogging..
mind welcoming me? oh i dont need that! just NEVERMIND.
okays? ;]
i want link ex!! pleeaase?!?
can someone also make me a buton? well just drop a msg. at my tagboard..
and can u teach me how to enable comments in my blog? just email me at:
and another thing...
can you give me a website wherein i could find sources that could be used in blogger? (just like spoiler, and other codes)
wehl, thanks thanks.

(Hyleene) ♥ 4:19 AM

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